Nothing to give.

A man just knocked at the door to ask for money for charity. I humoured the beginning of his speech for all of 5 seconds before I told him to ‘cut the spiel’ and asked exactly what he was asking for.   My approach was harsh for various reasons:

  1. Any instance where someone knocks on your door to try to pressure you into handing over money, makes me cross – if I want new windows/a new driveway/a new bathroom, I will research the area myself and make an informed decision in my own time.  And just because it’s for charity, it’s the same principle – people think that because you’re there, face to face with a real person, you’ll sign up for a standing order to help the cause – no one wants to look cruel and heartless, right?
  2. If you’ve seen my house, you’d know that it does not give the impression that we have spare cash floating around – we do not.
  3. I wanted to tell him, ‘you know what? If I’m going to go donating money, it’s going to be to a charity to help people who have lost babies, or to a stillbirth research charity, seeing as our country came 33 out of 35 for stillbirth rates very recently, because just less than 11 weeks ago, we lost our baby, AGAIN!!!!’

I do not feel that I have anything to give right now, and someone knocking on my door, in the middle of the day, asking to pet my dog and give him money, got my goat.  And maybe I am cruel and heartless, but I feel that I have a reason right now – if my heart is not working it’s because it was recently broken, and that does not necessarily make me more amenable.

Maybe I’m hormonal…


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