This morning when I woke up I thought it was still the weekend (probably because we’d been away for a night at a friend’s, which was great – we had a lot of fun playing on the Wii, I also tried on the dress I have to wear in October to be a bridesmaid for my friend and was pleased and surprised to find that it fits already).  As you know, I’m not at work, but Sam is, and I suddenly felt like I’d missed out on something, because it wasn’t the weekend anymore, and he would be going to work, and I would be at home without him again.

So many people have said how lucky we are that we’re such a strong couple.  They’re right; I don’t think I know another couple who could get through what we have in the way we have. Sam is amazing.  I never really knew the true meaning of the word ‘partner’, until Sam, and he keeps proving himself day after day.  He is my companion, my accomplice, my lover, my friend, my helper and my ally.  He knows me well.  When I behave in a way that would seem unreasonable to others, he knows the reason and he tries to fix me and make me feel better.  Sometimes it works.  He supports me always and is right there next to me, by my side, without question.  Without him I struggle, and I don’t just mean I miss him, I mean that in a difficult situation if he is not there, I feel like someone has cut off part of me and removed a piece of my soul.  I feel cracked without him.  Below are some of the reasons why I love him so much:

  • He is really patient, I mean like, really patient, even when I tap at his touch phone which I think is funny and of course it isn’t, it’s annoying.
  • He never blames me for anything.
  • He doesn’t mind doing things for me, even when he comes back from a hard day at work he’ll walk the dog if I’m too tired, or anything that needs doing, he will do without a sigh or a moan. Ever.
  • He never, ever says anything mean to me.  Even when I’m shovelling the last Aero Bubble into my mouth, and at the same time complaining about my weight, he never tells me not to eat so much, or to stop complaining.
  • He tells me he loves me every day. More than once.
  • He tells me I’m beautiful and he means it.
  • Every night, even if he’s tired, he strokes my hair to get me to fall asleep.
  • He snuggles me up every night and every morning, and I love squashing my face against his big chest.
  • If I wake him up in the night he never gets cross, he asks if I want my hair stroked to help me get back to sleep.
  • He can do all the things I can’t, like Maths and logical things, AND he can do most of the things that I can, but he never brags.
  • He tells me I’ve clever, even though he’s probably much cleverer than me.
  • He always supports me; I know if I told him I wanted to try my hand at being a professionally mountain biker, he would say ok.
  • He thanks me for every meal I make for him, even if it’s just a sandwich or beans on toast.
  • He has the strongest work ethic of anyone I have ever met – he goes to work even when he’s really, really poorly, despite my best efforts to stop him.
  • Nowhere is too far if I needed him.  Even if it’s just to drop off the cakes I made to sell for Comic Relief which I forgot to take to work, and he would never make me feel bad that I’d needed him to do something for me.
  • He loves all the different sides to me – he thinks it’s amazing that I can be the strong-willed teacher at work, who gives seminars on behaviour management, as well as the soft, sentimental sap who cries over sad news stories and looks like a scruffy kid in old pyjamas and un-done hair.
  • He’s gorgeous, but he doesn’t think he is.  I could name all the things I love about the way he looks (such as his height, his big shoulders, his white smile, his twinkly blue eyes, his full chest muscles, his long, strong arms, his square man-bum, his beefy thighs – I can’t stand skinny legs on a man – the way his forehead wrinkles just a bit when he raises his eyebrows…), but I wouldn’t want him to get too smug…


I know I tell you every day, but I love you Sam.  I love you more than those three words can express.  So I’ve tried to do it using other words (above, see?..haha..).

I love you and I couldn’t do this without you.


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